300 East Richey Ave.

Artesia, New Mexico 88210

(575) 746-2412


Computerized ScalesArtesia Metals, Inc. offers computerized scale transactions to assure you of accurate weight readouts and fast transaction payments.

  • When you arrive at Artesia Metals, Inc. you will see the wide open and clean driveway directing you to the scales. Our staff will weigh and grade your materials. They will direct you where to take your scrap material. Our friendly efficient personnel will greet you and assist with unloading.
  • After unloading your scrap materials, you will be given either a scale ticket for payment or asked to return to the scale to obtain your unloaded weight.
  • Pull onto the scale to get the empty weight and when notified, pull off the scale.

  • Park your vehicle and come to the pay window to receive payment for your materials. Artesia Metals requires a valid government ID and  license plate number for payment.

For current prices call (575) 746-2412.