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Most of us have been convinced that recycling is important in the conservation of our natural resources and to protect our environment. As an industry, recycling helps to remove a considerable percentage of the discarded vehicles, appliances, and reusable debris from ending up in landfills or dump sites. This protects our local environment while beautifying Artesia.

One of the advantages of recycling comes as a decrease in energy consumption. When we recycle aluminum from scrap, the aluminum smelter will use less than one-tenth of the energy required to process bauxite ore into aluminum.

The energy savings that comes from recycling copper is as much as 87%. Some estimate that 40 percent of the copper used each year is recycled from scrap copper.

The energy savings that come from recycling lead is as much as 60%. It is estimated that one half of the lead used in manufacturing each year is produced from recycled scrap.

We all know that recycling saves energy and natural resources when compared to processing raw materials. In addition, recycling eliminates the dangerous ecological impact associated with manufacturing metals from raw ore. This is because recycling does not produce the harmful oxide products inherent in the initial manufacturing process of ore.

Artesia Metals, Inc. is proud to be associated with the hundreds of scrap recycling companies serving the United States of America. Together we handle more than 62 million tons of scrap metal each year. Because of you, Artesia Metals, Inc. does our share of recycling and preventing useful trash from being discarded into our local landfills.